How It Works

Welcome to! The one-stop solution to all your hospitality needs! From finding the right banquet hall for your wedding to booking a flight for your next foreign vacay- we have it all for you.

And it’s extremely simple to do it all! Check out these “How It Works” vids for each category and you’ll be alright.


Peppynite has a long list of the best banquet halls for your wedding and other events. We have tied up with some of the best venues in your town so that there is no stoned unturned at your function.


A wedding preparation needs a lot of things to bring it together. And we have it all! From wedding planners to the DJ, from florist to the photography, just take a sip from your cup of hot chai and pick the best from the list that fits your requirements.

Destination Wedding-

Peppynite has a variety destination wedding packages across India for you to celebrate you wedding along the beaches, in royal palaces or up in the hills, in perfection. Check out how to get the best package here.


Heading to Bangkok for a business meeting? Or off to Bahamas for a much-needed vacation? Find your flights at the best prices with Peppynite and save big time on your budget and time! Learn how to search with Peppynite through this video.


If you are flying to Bangkok or Bahamas, you will need a swanky hotel room for your stay, won’t you? With Peppynite, now not only can you get your flight tickets but can also check and compare hotels from across the world and book the one that fits your bill.