1 What services does peppynite offer?

Peppynite offers a long list of hotels and venues for various functions like weddings, social and corporate events for the customer without much hassle. We believe in connecting the right people to the right kind of venues and providing hassle-free venue booking experience to our customers.

Our online booking portal not just offers a list of venues but also offers a whole set of other services that one requires to prepare a perfect wedding, be it wedding planners, wedding decorators, choreographers, wedding cloth designers, wedding photographer, etc. We also offer exciting packages for destination weddings.

2. How do I look for a hotel in Goa for 250 people?

The search process for your idle venue is simple. All you have to do is:

  1. Type the city, date, occasion type and click search. A list of venues opens.

  2. You can either select a venue and read about it and check the pictures. Or

  3. You can narrow down your search more by filling up the gathering and amenities and click search for more precise results.

3. I want to arrange a destination wedding for my daughter in Jaisalmer. How would I do that?

Given the up and rising trend of destination weddings, Peppynite is working hard giving its clients the best destination wedding packages. All you have to do to book your destination wedding is:

  1. Click of Destination Wedding on top right corner.

  2. Choose the city and click search.

  3. Select one from the list that fits your budget and needs.

  4. You can contact the respective hotel through the details provided.

4. How many cities do you cover in destination weddings?

Currently we have 25+ cities in India that offer destination weddings. These have over 100 destinations for you to choose from, making your event a memorable one.

5. Do you provide wedding planners too?

Yes, we have an elaborate list of wedding planners, decorators, tent house that you can choose from.

6. Hi, I need to plan the whole wedding in two months in Chandigarh. Can you help me with all the arrangements?

Yes, we provide all the services related to a wedding. We have a list of banquet halls, hotels, other services like, wedding planner, designers, photographers, make-up artists, caterers, tent services, DJs, etc. You can find all these services on the website and select and talk to the ones that fit your requirements.

7. Do you have anything for corporate and professional meetings because I see everything related to wedding on your site?

Yes, we offer vendors and planner for corporate meetings too. You can select the city where you will have your corporate event and go through the list of vendors which fit your requirements. For any assistance, you can contact our support agent any time.

8. Hello, I’m going to get married in 2 months. I live in Kanpur and I need a wedding photographer. How can I find one?

Congratulations for your wedding! Peppynite has a tie up with a number of genuinely good photographers across the country, even in Kanpur. All you have to do is:

  • Go to vendor on the top right corner

  • Enter city and choose the category you’re looking for and search

  • Go through the list of photographers shown to you

  • You can ‘View’ the details about the respective photographers

  • After you have found the one that meets your requirements, you can contact them and reach a deal

9. How can I get in contact with a good designer in Pune through you?

Peppynite has a quality list of local Pune designers who offer unique craftsmanship in their work. You can go through the list and find the one that suits your needs. You can find a designer in Pune through Peppynite by:

  • Go to vendor on the top right corner

  • Enter city and choose the category you’re looking for and search

  • Go through the list of designers shown to you

  • You can ‘View’ the details about the respective designers and check their works through photos

  • After you have found the one that meets your requirements, you can contact them and discuss further.

10. How much will it cost to plan a destination wedding in India?

A destination wedding in India depends on a lot of factors. Here are some of the pointers that can help you plan your destination wedding in India.

  • Finalising the guest list is of utmost importance. When you start planning your destination wedding, please finalise the exact number of guest coming to your wedding. This is because Indian weddings happen in a season which means you get more than one wedding invites. As the wedding date draws close your guest list will only decrease.

  • Choosing your wedding destination is the next important thing. It should be logistically viable for you and your guests. Your guests will be coming from different parts and you may or may not be paying for flights and trains. Make sure of that.

  • Next is your hotel or the place you’re staying. The charged for a room per night for two people at a good hotel varies from place to place and hotel to hotel. You could even look for a villa or a farm with multiple rooms and backyard to lessen the cost of per room.

  • The next item on the list is food. Generally, a day meal costs less than a dinner. You can opt for a buffet lunch and gala dinner to save cost.

  • Last comes the wedding arrangements. These include décor, florals, lighting, procession, entertainment, wedding planner, designer, photographer, makeup artist, etc. These all vary according to your want and requirements.

11. Why does it happen that the price on the booking site is different than Peppynite?

Peppynite is a search and price comparison site. It is not a booking site for flights and hotels. When you select a flight or hotel offer, we redirect you to the booking site that is offering you the price you chose.

Peppynite works with a number of websites, and the prices and their availability the site provides us with change constantly. Peppynite works tirelessly to keep the site updated so that the information you see on our site is accurate. But it may happen, once in a while, that you may be unable to find the exact same price you clicked on when the booking site opens. There can be a number of reasons behind this change. The booking site may have given us incorrect information or maybe they have sold out of the rates they offered Peppynite.

12. How do I look for the ideal hotel in Mumbai?

Searching for the right hotel at affordable prices for your next trip is extremely easy with Peppynite. All you have to do is enter the city, check-in and checkout dates. Use the filter menu to make your search precise. After entering your search requirements, you will be shown a list of hotels with different offers available.

When you’ve found your ideal hotel, click on the deal that suits you the best and you’ll be redirected to the booking site to make your reservations. It’s that easy!

13. I have never heard about this booking website before. Is it even genuine?

Peppynite is dedicated to making your life a little easier with our services. And we cannot make any sort of compromises with our services. Therefore, each company that we work with undergoes a background check before we display rates from their booking site on Peppynite. We will never display rates and offers from a site that does not pass our background and other checks.

In case you want to contact the booking site, they have a contact page where you’ll find all the contact details including customer support’s phone number.