About Us

Peppynite is a place that offers a diverse range of hospitality services to its clients. We believe that our clients shouldn’t have to sweat it out when it comes to arranging certain events in their lives. Be it wedding preparation, corporate meeting arrangement, destination wedding on the beach, flight and hotel bookings for vacay or looking for pubs and discs for Saturday night party- Peppynite is your one-stop solution to all the troubles.



Peppynite is an online venue booking portal with the widest range of suitable spaces for weddings, social and corporate events which has paved its way to become home to India's most popular premium Event Venues.


A wedding preparation requires a ton of things to bring together and wedding vendors play a huge role in it. Whether it be wedding planners, photographers, catering, makeup artists, etc, Peppynite has everything that you’re looking for. At Peppynite, we understand that a wedding must be perfect in every way, turning it into a wedding of your dream and that’s why we have the best of each field for you to choose from.

Destination Weddings-

Traditional Weddings are a passé. The new way of marrying your partner in style is Destination wedding. With a location of your choice, the background setting the mood for the wedding, it’s the perfect way to get married. With Peppynite, you can find the best destination package at a place you want, across India. Be it the serene hills in Shimla or a royal palace in Jaipur, or the calm sea waves, booking a Destination Wedding has never been so easy.


When preparing for a trip, flight bookings are a make or break deal. With prices varying on different sites and regularly, how do you keep tab on each one of them for the cheapest fare? Simple, use Peppynite! Here, you can check and compare the prices on different websites and select the one that fits your bill.


After booking your flights, comes booking a convenient hotel for your comfortable stay. Peppynite brings you all your favorite hotels and their best prices from different sites under one portal. We believe in making our clients happy by bringing them everything that they need so that they can enjoy their stay.

Pubs, Bar, Club, Lounge-

Because you don’t need a reason to party and have a fun night with your friends! Peppynite brings to you all the popular pubs, bar, club and lounges in your city. It’s your right to choose the best place for your party.

There's Only One: -

Reason Why.
Because we at Peppynite want to provide a direct and uninterrupted portal from 'Client' to 'Destination' ensuring that every event no matter how big or small is treated with the recognition it deserves and takes place the way you want it to happen

To provide customers and clientele with an enriched and easy booking experience for their events, ensuring the best service in a way that fits their time, their budget and makes memories.

We have always had a commitment to keep and deliver to clients in a manner that goes beyond an average booking portal. Our team is and always will be proud to present our services in such a way that our clientele need not look elsewhere for their next event. That is a promise.