About Us

We're Making Memories.

Peppynite is an online venue booking portal with the widest range of suitable spaces for weddings, social and corporate events which has paved its way to become home to India's most popular premium Event Venues.

The ultimate objective is to connect the right people to the right kind of venues, provide hassle-free online venue booking experience to our customers, all the way from browsing and shortlisting venues to booking the final one. Peppynite believes that online venue booking should be faster and simple as Click, Book and Party!

We initiate to help world communities reduce their burden of searching and selecting a suitable party hall to transform their vision into memories.

There's Only One: -

Reason Why.
Because we at Peppynite want to provide a direct and uninterrupted portal from 'Client' to 'Destination' ensuring that every event no matter how big or small is treated with the recognition it deserves and takes place the way you want it to happen

To provide customers and clientele our goal with  an enriched and easy booking experience for their event and venues ensuring the best service in a way that fits their time hits their budget and makes memories.

We have always had a commitment to perform and deliver to clients in a manner that goes beyond an average booking portal. Our team is and always will be proud to present our venues in such a way that our clientele need not look elsewhere for their next event. That is a promise.

Your next PeppyNite awaits. 

Click. Book. Party